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DACA: Make the Dreamers Legal, Not Stuck in Limbo
DACA: Make the Dreamers Legal, Not Stuck in Limbo

October 5, 2017, was the last day for “Dreamers,” commonly defined as those Millenials brought here illegally when very young, were able to renew their enrollment in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

DACA is not actually a legal status. Instead, it is a sort of “limbo” status where the alien is not given permission to be the US, but his presence is known and he can have a work permit and get a driver’s license.

President Trump has put a stop to the DACA Program. In my opinion, it is likely a temporary stop. I believe that he has done it to try to force Congress to legalize the Dreamers. We don’t often do something unless actually forced to do it.

I am cautiously hopeful that, in “ending” DACA, it to make way for a path to legal residency that is not tied to family/marriage or employment.

The latest developments on the issue can be read here:

Latest Developments in DACA Deal

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